Rivergreen Shepherds at Work

The Total German Shepherd

With the growing awareness of the incidence of PTSD we are also increasingly recognizing the value and suitability of our Rivergreen dogs for service work. The carefully selected German Shepherd historically has been a service dog – confident, happy, loyal. The German Shepherd’s greatest pleasure and reward is being with and pleasing his person. Steady, intelligent and fun loving, the well bred German Shepherd is also one of the best companions for the children who could benefit from a ‘pal for life’. Our adult dogs demonstrate all of these qualities and we trust that most of our puppies could be awarded the prestigious ‘service dog’ title with suitable and qualified training. PTSD, ADHD, Emotional Therapy and many other challenges have benefitted from the partnership afforded by the carefully selected and well bred Rivergreen puppy. See images bellow.

Here is an incredible story from Jan.,2017
Hi Sheila, Hope the holidays were enjoyable.I had an unexpected emergency surgery just before Xmas - which ended up going rough - as I flat lined and stopped breathing during surgery. However - Iwo was amazing as he broke free of Lynne and came running into the room where he jumped up on my stretcher right on top of me, first dog ever to be in surgery area - and then rode around right on my stretcher and hospital bed during rest of stay.Just checking in on your litter situation? Also - possibly a service dog group from Ottawa area - for PTSD first responders. Talk soon, B.